Wine Appreciation Courses

Tailor-made Wine Appreciation Courses for a variety of companies and small groups. From elementary classes to intermediate and advanced levels.

Wine Events

Turnkey production of wine events, from selection of theme to venue, from sourcing of equipment to supplies of wine and food etc. One Stop services and professional advice for staging events of all style and scale.

Wine tasting sessions

Planning and design of wine tasting sessions for a variety of wine types and style. Organising one-off wine tasting or scheduled classes according to need.

Fine Wine Selection/Aromaster/Wine Accessories

Selection of fine wine, wine accessories (wide variety of wine openers, decanters, wine glasses etc.) and for a variety of purposes and budget. "Aromaster" to enhance sensation of wine. Please email to for information and ordering.

For enquiries, please contact us on (852) 2409 6622 or email to